Why We Love the Carrier Infinity System

Why We Love the Carrier Infinity System | HVAC Equipment | Hybrid

We are proud dealers of Carrier systems and the Carrier Infinity system is one of the best on the market today! The Infinity system is the only system that offers the following technologies:

  • Hybrid Heat
  • ComfortHeat®
  • IdealHumidity®
  • Puron® Refrigerant

The result of this unique combination is the freshest, cleanest air possible. It will detect when your air filter needs to be replaced and will automatically adjust itself to work at peak efficiency with maximum performance.

Some of the other amazing features of a Carrier Infinity system include:

  • Control and Remote access: This is a state-of-the-art control system for the Infinity heating and cooling system that allows you the opportunity to control temperature, air quality, fan speed, ventilation, and humidity at the same time.
  • Air purifier: This wonderful functionality cleans the air and eradicates harmful or irritating airborne contaminants that cause asthma, allergies, or sickness
  • Humidifier: Say goodbye to stale, dry air! The humidification system replenishes moisture to dry air.
  • Gas furnace: With this furnace, you will have reliable, high-efficiency heating for long-lasting comfort with lower utility bills.
  • AC or heat pump: A heat pump can provide heating and cooling in one system.
  • Evaporator coil: this allows the refrigerant to absorb heat from the air as it passes over the surface of the coil
  • UV lamp: Reduce your incidence of breathing in air that has mold, bacteria, or other viruses that can be pumped in through your evaporator coil
  • Ventilator: A quality ventilator brings fresh outdoor air and combines it with conditioned indoor air so you can breathe the cleanest air possible

Call us today to talk to us about the Carrier Infinity system. The official beginning of winter is right around the corner and now is a great time to have an energy-efficient, reliable system installed!

by Brooke Strickland

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