Energy Trust & State Tax Credits Now Available!


If you love discounts, rebates, and tax credits, listen up! Everyone loves to save money and we can help. There are a variety of tax credits and energy rebates available for customers in 2017.

Gas furnaces
Electrically efficient AHRI e-rated
Furnaces that are rated at a 95 to 96.9% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency are eligible to receive a $352 tax credit. Those rated at 97% or greater are eligible for $492 in tax credits.

Air-source ducted heat pump
These are wonderful, energy efficient machines that can save you money in utility costs, all while helping reduce your negative impact on the environment.
Heat pumps that have Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) scores of 9.5 are eligible to receive $800 in tax credits while those with 10.0 can receive $850. Those with 11.0 ratings can receive $925, 12.0 can receive $1,000 and those that are 13.0 and up can receive $1,125.

Ductless heat pump
Ductless mini-splits are also very energy efficient and provide effective heating solutions in the winter and cooling in the summer. Those with HSPF ratings of 10.0 to 11.9 can receive $1,200 in tax credits and those with 12.0 or higher are eligible for $1,300.

Note: The maximum tax credit claimed per year, per device may not exceed $1,500, except for alternative fuel devices. To be eligible for a tax credit, the device must meet all the requirements outlined by RETC Administrative Rules. Not sure where to start? Our experienced team of HVAC professionals can help you determine which system is right for your home and most importantly, your budget. We’ll help you figure out which credits are available and help you figure out the paperwork, too. We are also PTCS and CheckMe certified. This means we’re certified to perform the test for credits on heat pumps. Contact our team for information on which devices are eligible and get ready to stay warm throughout the rest of this unusual Pacific Northwest winter!

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