3 Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

3 Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

ac repairWith temperatures soaring into the 80s and 90s recently, it sure feels like summer is here. Temperatures like that can be really miserable if your air conditioner isn’t working properly. Is your air conditioner ready to tackle the heat of summer? If it isn’t, you could be left feeling hot and uncomfortable while you wait for an air conditioning repair appointment. No one wants to have an air conditioner break down on a hot day, so paying attention to some simple signs that your air conditioning needs servicing, is important. Schedule your air conditioner repair appointment before summer weather is in full swing and check out some of these common signs that you may need AC repair.

  1. Increasing utility bill.
    You should have a general idea of what it costs to heat and cool your home. If you don’t, start looking closely at your energy bill and find out where the costs are being allocated. If you see an increase in your bill during the summer months when you’re using your air conditioner more, you should take note. This could mean that your system is inefficient and sucking too much energy. If you have an older unit, it is likely inefficient and may be costing you more than necessary. If your utility bills are on the rise, it’s important to get your system tuned up right away.
  2. Inefficient cooling.
    Just because your AC is running, doesn’t mean that it is functioning at its best. If you have noticed that some parts of your home are cooler than other parts, your unit may need to be looked at. You shouldn’t have “warm spots” in the home with an AC unit that is working well. It’s possible that an AC repair is necessary, so be sure that you call right away if you are noticing your home is not cooling properly.
  3. Loud noises.
    Loud noises usually indicate a problem. If your AC is making any sort of noise that seems out of the ordinary, there may be a belt or other mechanical component that has broken or needs to be replaced. If you ignore the sounds, you may cause further damage to the unit, so call as soon as you hear something that sounds out of place. Our team of experienced technicians knows what to look for and can help you get it running at peak performance quickly and efficiently.

The official start of summer is only a couple of weeks away, so call us right away to get an appointment scheduled for maintenance. Don’t wait for your air conditioning unit to break down entirely. Annual air conditioning tune ups are always a great investment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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  1. We had suspicions that our AC hasn’t been working properly. It doesn’t seem to cool enough! I’m wondering if it had something to do with our heater being on all the time this Winter.

  2. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that warm spots in your home can indicate problems with your air conditioner. My office tends to get warmer than the rest of the house, but that’s understandable because we have a few computers running in there. I’ve noticed, however, that there are sometimes some warm spots in other areas of the house. I’ll definitely look into having a professional come and take a look at my air conditioner to see if it needs to be repaired. Thanks for the great post!

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