2 Ways To Get Your AC Ready for Hot Weather

2 Ways To Get Your AC Ready for Hot Weather | HVAC Maintenance

Warm weather is on its way this week. As we move through May and into June, weather will get warmer and warmer. And, chances are, you will turn your air conditioning on when the temperatures hit 80 degrees or more. So, now is the time to get your air conditioning ready to go. Here are two ways to do that.

#1: Get your air conditioning tuned up.

Professional HVAC tune-ups mean you can head into warm weather with confidence. That’s because you can rely on your system to keep you cool all season long. Did you know that regular maintenance will also help reduce excess energy use and help you save energy in your home? We will clean air filters, coils, blades, and other internal components to ensure there is no build-up of dirt and debris. We will also do an energy efficiency check to make sure the system is operating at peak efficiency. A clean system will allow things to operate as they are supposed to and will minimize your risk for a system breakdown.

#2: Clear the outside unit.

During the cooler months, debris, dirt, leaves, and grass clippings are bound to accumulate around the outside HVAC unit. Make sure to head outside and clear any build up or debris on the unit. This will ensure nothing sneaks its way inside the system’s internal components and wreaks havoc. The last thing you need is a broken air conditioner on a hot day!

Don’t wait until the summer heat is here to get your preventative maintenance appointment scheduled. Now is the time to act. We will ensure that your air conditioning is in the best operating condition as possible so you can stay comfortable for the upcoming warm months. Maybe your current air conditioning system is old or inefficient and needs to be replaced. We can help with that, too! Call us today to schedule your appointment.

by Brooke Strickland

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