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Ductless systems, also referred to as mini split systems, provide a heating and cooling option for those without ductwork. The mini split system utilizes two components; an outdoor unit (compressor) and individual indoor units installed in the desired rooms. The system provides both heating and cooling through the same process as a heat pump.

Ductless systems increase your energy efficiency by not using traditional ductwork. Ductwork can cause a loss of 20-30% of the heat or cooling created from loose or cracked ductwork – thus by bypassing this, you save that 20-30% in efficiency. The ability to use the ductless system only in rooms in use contributes to these savings in energy.

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Ductless Performance 38MAR

Heat Pump with Basepan Heater

Carrier ductless heat pump model 38MAR

Designed for versatility and year-round comfort, the 38MAR achieves full heating capacity even as temperatures outside dip to 5° F (with the right combination of model size and matched indoor unit). This quiet, compact heat pump pairs with a variety of indoor units for a budget-friendly and flexible solution to your duct-challenged comfort needs. 

Part of our PerformanceTM Series, this model really delivers with features like variable speed operation for extra efficiency and reduced sound.

Whether it’s for a small residential room or a large commercial application, Carrier Ductless & VRF systems can provide a smart solution that delivers on both comfort and efficiency. Our Ductless offerings are flexible enough to fit virtually any residential need, while our VRF systems are the ideal choice for large spaces such as hospitals, office buildings, hotels and restaurants.

Ductless System setup:

Our trained team of experts are here for you to determine exactly how many heads you will need to optimize your comfort in your home. Ductless systems also do not require the same maintenance as traditional heat pumps or furnaces etc. The system doesn’t require filter changes and maintenance is virtually none.

Is your home or business ductless?

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Ductless System