Winter is right around the corner and we are already experiencing frigid temperatures. If you have found that your current heating system is not doing a good enough job keeping you warm, it could be time to consider getting a new system installed. A heat pump is a great option.

Heat pump basics:
A ducted heat pump utilizes an outdoor unit that pulls heat from outside air and moves it inside. The temperature is still cold, but there’s still heat in the air – crazy, right? The fans in the system bring warm air in through your home’s ductwork, which translates to a warm, comfortable home. During the summer season, the unit can also provide air conditioning to your home – it pulls cool air inside during those days. That’s right: one unit provides year-round comfort with your already existing ducts. These machines are incredibly energy efficient and can be a great replacement option for furnaces that are old or inefficient.

Heat pump benefits:

#1: Continuous comfort: no matter how hot or cold the weather is outside, your unit can provide heating or cooling with a touch of a button

#2: Greater indoor air quality: heat pumps filter the air, helping bring cleaner, better air into your home

#3: Saved energy: heat pumps can help save you money in the long run, especially when compared to standard electric furnaces

#4: Environmentally friendly: heat pumps utilize fewer fossil fuels can lower carbon dioxide emissions

Do you think a heat pump could be a good option for your home? Let us help! Our experienced team at Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning can offer a free consultation to see what heat pump is right for your budget and your home’s layout. Contact us today for information on getting your new heat pump ordered and installed!

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We have had a fairly mild winter overall here in the Pacific Northwest, but February is proving to bring some cold days and even snow and ice. This is the time when your heating system is working its hardest and it can be unnerving and inconvenient to have your furnace break down right when you’re relying on it the most. To help you prevent a furnace emergency, our experts at Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help with these tips to prevent heating system breakdowns.

Tip #1: Don’t skip annual preventative maintenance appointments.
This is one of the quickest ways to ensure a system breakdown. During routine maintenance, our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust all of the vital parts of your heating system and make sure things are fixed if there is an issue or repair that needs to be made. We will make sure it is running at peak efficiency, too, so there are no unexpected surprises on your utility bill. Contact us today to schedule your appointment so you can ensure your system works for the rest of the cold days ahead.

Tip #2: Clean or replace air filters regularly.
Not only do clean air filters help with good indoor air quality, it will also help with system efficiency and help the furnace do the job that it was intended to do. When your filter gets full of dirt, dust, pollen, or other debris that builds up, clean air can’t get through, which means your furnace needs to work harder. This could cause a system breakdown if it goes on for a long time and it will also increase your energy bills.

Tip #3: Keep air circulating.
It might be tempting to close off vents. Many people think that doing this will help direct the heat where they want it to go and saves energy on heating unused rooms, but in fact, this is very bad for your furnace. When sections are closed off, your system isn’t allowed to function at its full capacity and could cause it to cycle wrongly.

In addition to the above tips, be sure that you are aware of any odd noises or smells that are coming from the machine and if you notice something like this, call us right away. Don’t attempt to do any repairs on the furnace yourself, as they are complex systems that can sometimes be dangerous. Our team at Hybrid will be out as soon as possible to provide professional expert service and determine what’s wrong. We’re standing by to help keep your furnace working well for the rest of the season and into the next!

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Did you know that your indoor air quality directly relates to the overall comfort inside of your home? During the cold winter months, people tend to spend more time indoors, so it is important to make sure you are breathing clean air this winter. Here are some tips to maintain healthy winter indoor air quality.

#1: Keep your furnace system’s air filters clean.
Your furnace or heat pump has air filters that catch a variety of dust, dirt, and debris. Over time, the filters will fill up with this and if they are not cleaned or replaced regularly, you will be breathing particles into your lungs that you probably don’t want in there. If you or someone in your home has allergies, or if you have dogs or cats in the home, it is especially important to stay on top of filter changes, as dander or dust can transfer from the filters right into the air that is blown out of the vents. We recommend cleaning or replacing the furnace or heat pumps filters every one to two months.

#2: Stay on top of overall home cleanliness.
Bacteria, dust, viruses, and dirt are common household nasties and cleaning regularly can help you rid your home of them. Vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning your floors will help prevent these from building up and getting into the air you breathe.

#3: Stay on top of furnace preventative maintenance.
Your furnace or heat pump should undergo regular preventative maintenance. Doing so will allow our team at Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning to confirm that all is working as it should at peak efficiency. We will clean the various inside parts of the machine to ensure that no dust or debris buildup will cause an issue later down the road or negatively impact your indoor air quality. We will also make sure that there are no hidden issues that could cause an unexpected breakdown to occur.

The air you breathe matters, so be aware of what your indoor air quality is like this winter. Contact our team of heating and cooling specialists right away if you need information on scheduling your preventative maintenance appointment or if you want a quote on getting a new system or air purifier installed. We’re standing by to help!

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Calvin Nail

Calvin Nail, 1ST Place Winner – HVAC Division NW ABC Craft Champion

Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning is so proud of Calvin Nail, a third year apprentice on our team, for winning first place in the HVAC Division, at the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) 2018 Craft Championships, which took place just this October.

Calvin competed with other third and fourth year apprentices building heating and air conditioning systems during the event in Northeast Portland, while High School students and other spectators watched with anticipation. The goal – see who could build a working HVAC system in the least amount of time with the least mistakes.

Taking first place earned Calvin an all-expense paid trip to Long Beach, California, where he will compete against other winners from across the country, in the 2019 ABC National Craft Championships. Thank you Calvin, for representing Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning at the event and demonstrating the excellence that we strive for with every customer’s project!

If you would like to find out more about the event, the Daily Journal of Commerce: Oregon has a nice article with more pictures here. Then the Pacific Northwest Chapter of ABC has some general information about the event here,  with 2018 results here and a whole lot more pictures here.

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Fall weather in the Pacific Northwest is the perfect mix of rain, sun, warm days, and chilly mornings. The rainy season will really start picking up in the autumn too. But, will the rain impact your heating and cooling system?  Here’s how to make sure your HVAC system stays working at optimal efficiency, even during the rainy season.

Oregon and Washington get record amounts of rain each year and autumn is when it starts kicking in. How do you keep your HVAC system protected during the rainy season?

#1 Understand your system.
Outdoor HVAC units are designed to be durable so running your system during the rain should not be a problem. If the inside electrical components like wires and connections are properly shielded, your system is safe to run. However, if there are issues with extreme weather like lightening, high winds, or hail, there could be problems with how it is performing.

#2: Turn it off in the event of a flood.
If flooding were to occur and there is over 15 inches of rain, it’s important that you turn off your entire heating and cooling system immediately. This amount of water could damage the outdoor unit and the inside electrical components. Once the water starts to recede, contact our team at Hybrid Heating & Air Conditioning for advice on when you can safely turn it back on.

If there are issues with its performance after the water hits it, don’t panic. We offer 24-7 emergency service because we know that you and your family don’t want to be left in a lurch with no warm air this fall. Our team will help get the system’s issue properly diagnosed and repaired with efficiency.

In addition, make sure you schedule a preventative maintenance appointment every year and keep your air filters cleaned or replaced every 1-2 months. By following these steps, you can ensure that your system will work well, no matter how much rain we end up getting. Not sure if your heating and cooling system can make it through another fall? Contact us today for a quote on a new system!

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Springtime is here and the days are getting longer and warmer. Before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll be outside enjoying the heat of the day. Summer in the Pacific Northwest is amazing, but hot weather also brings its own health-related troubles if you don’t take care of yourself. On hot spring and summer days, the National Weather Service will oftentimes issue a variety of heat-related warnings. If you hear any of these issued, take note and make a point to stay cool. Here’s how to stay cool in the spring and summer heat.

Tip #1: Get your air conditioning serviced.
When the hot weather returns and you go to turn on your air conditioning and it doesn’t work, imagine how frustrated you will be! To avoid breakdowns when you need your air conditioning the most, get your cooling system serviced now, before you need it. That way, you’ll ensure that it is ready to go when you do go to turn it on to stay cool. We’ll come out and make sure all of the inside components are working well, we’ll check the filter and change it if needed, and we’ll also point out any problem spots that may cause you an issue later down the road and offer a solution to get it fixed quickly.

Tip #2: Drink a lot of water.
Even if you drink a lot of water on a regular basis, on hot days, increase your water intake even more. Staying hydrated allows your body the ability to cool off and keep all of your internal organs working the way they should. In addition, be sure that your pets are taken care of too, and leave them plenty of cool water out at all times with a cool place to rest.

Tip #3: Open your windows early in the morning.
Each morning before the weather gets hot, open the windows and doors in your home to allow for the cool morning breeze to sweep through your home. Keep it open for as long as possible to get the cool air in, then button up your home and windows and keep the shades closed for the remainder of the day. This can help keep the home cooler throughout the day.

Hot weather can lead to dangerous heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and more. Make sure you call us today to get your air conditioning serviced so you can avoid any inconvenient breakdowns when the weather is at the hottest! If you do not have a cooling system in place and you’ve decided that this is the year that you want to stay comfortable inside, contact us today for information on what cooling systems are out there and what rebates and incentives are available. Our experienced team of HVAC professionals are ready to help you beat the heat this year!

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Love saving money? Who doesn’t!? If you’re always on the hunt for discounts, rebates, or tax credits, keep reading! We can help you save money on your new HVAC system. It’s important to act now, though. Some tax credits are ending this year and they may not be renewed at all next year.

Current offers:

  • The state of Oregon is offering state tax credits up to $1,300 on qualifying heat pumps. This offer ends December 31, 2017.
  • Energy Trust of Oregon is also offering up to $800 on select systems.
  • Daikin is offering one free indoor head and up to $450 in an instant rebate. This offer ends June 30, 2017.

Gas furnaces, air-source ducted heat pump, and ductless mini-splits are just some of the wonderfully amazing energy efficient machines that are out there today. Now that we’ve gotten a taste of the summer heat, you may be wondering how you’re going to stay cool for the rest of the summer months.

Not sure if you need a full replacement and you’re simply just not sure where to start? Our experienced team of HVAC professionals can help you determine which system is right for your home and most importantly, your budget. We’ll help you figure out which credits are available and help you figure out the paperwork, too. We are also PTCS and CheckMe certified. This means we’re certified to perform the test for credits on heat pumps. Contact us today for information on which devices are eligible and get ready to stay cool during the beautiful Pacific Northwest summer!


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The temperature in your office can sometimes be an ongoing battle: is it too hot, too cold, or just right? Fluctuating temperatures can not only be frustrating to employees in the office, but it can surprisingly affect their productivity.

Our brains are complex machines and it doesn’t take much to get preoccupied. When the brain is distracted with monitoring body temperature it’s easy for the person to get sidetracked by that and concentration can quickly be lost. This can mean that productivity declines. Experts say that the optimal temperature is between 69.8 and 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a 2006 study by Helsinki University of Technology. In a 2004 study from Cornell University, researchers discovered that employees that are consistently cold will make more mistakes. In contrast, if the office is too hot, employees will fill sluggish, fatigued, and irritable, which can also lead to a loss in productivity.

Is your heating and cooling system unreliable or does it have a difficult time keeping up with the demands of your office? It’s important to keep your system maintained well so it can keep every employee comfortable day in and day out. If it’s time for an upgrade or a system replacement, it’s well worth the cost and could actually save you money in the long run. If your thermostat is kept low in the winter and high in the summer, it could ultimately cost you more money down the road because of the loss of employee productivity.

Has it been a while since your office furnace has been checked out by a professional? Regular maintenance is key to keeping it running at optimum efficiency. Or, maybe your heating and cooling system is out of date and inefficient. Spring is a great time to replace it – before the hot weather sets in during the summer! In addition, there are a variety of rebates and incentives happening for 2017 on a variety of systems, so you can save money, too. Contact our team of professionals today for an appointment!

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Every year, there are thousands of emergency calls related to carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that cannot be detected by humans. The beginning of autumn is here and it’s a great time to make sure you’re up to speed on how to keep you and your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. Here are some helpful tips.

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With record high temperatures already happening, you know how important your cooling system is, simply because you rely on it every day to keep you and your business or team of employees cool and comfortable. Regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC system is extremely important for the longevity and efficiency of your machine. Routine maintenance will ensure that the inside of your building or business is comfortable and pollutant-free, and will also ensure that your machine is working well and won’t need any costly repairs. HVAC maintenance appointments will help recognize any issues that you are having with air quality and examine the equipment and how it’s operating to assure you that it’s working at its peak efficiency levels.

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