Permits protect you as a homeowner and us as a company. City codes exist to ensure safety for the public and that all electrical and mechanical work is done properly. Inspections must be done after install to be approved by the city. When deciding to sell your home, everything will be done to code and the home inspection should go smoothly regarding your HVAC system.

With routine maintenance, all residential equipment should last 15-20 years, without routine maintenance, 8-10 years. Again, the importance of maintenance cannot be stressed enough. Proper filter changes and cleaning can and will double the life expectancy of your system.

Depends on how you run your system. If used with pre-set times and temperatures, it an save you in run time and energy usage. However, if you keep your home at a constant temperature, it will not. We will find the right thermostat for you that will save you money.

Nothing, heat pumps provide both heating and cooling all in one system.

Depending on the age of your system and the manufacturers specifications, that determines the refrigerant required. R-22, also known as Freon, is being phased out and will no longer be available as of January 2020 due to its negative environmental impact. R410A has been created as a replacement that is much more environmentally friendly. Any system still using R-22 we recommend replacing.

                The size of your unit is dependent on multiple factors. We will not know the correct size unit for your home until a no-cost estimate appointment is made where we can consider several factors that will influence the size of your unit.

Never cover your outdoor unit, this restricts airflow to your unit, creating stress on the system thus leading to breaks and repairs needed. These units are made to be outside. Additionally, if you have a heat pump, the unit will be running all year and need air flow to operate properly.

Once a year your A/C and furnace should be serviced and cleaned. One in the fall or winter for your furnace and once in the spring or summer for your A/C. With our Energy Savings Agreement, we guarantee both will be done in the year and send you a reminder when hour systems is due for a tune-up.

Every 3 to 6 months but personal factors may influence how often they need to be changed. Check your filter once a month to determine if it is time to change the filter.

UV light kills bacteria and fungus in your air and is placed in the system such that the air is cleaned free of these before pushing the air through your home. This can be achieved by installing the Reme Halo into your heat pump or furnace.