You can benefit from a Carrier High Efficiency Gas Furnace!

You can benefit from a Carrier High Efficiency Gas Furnace!


Fall is fast approaching and that means that chilly weather is on the horizon. You want your home comfortable and at the right temperature when those cold fall nights start happening and your furnace plays a key role in that! When it comes to efficiently heating your home, a quality furnace is key to giving you the best air circulation possible.

A high efficiency gas furnace such as the Carrier Infinity 98 High Efficiency Gas Furnace is well worth the investment. It is incredibly efficient and you’ll almost instantly see money saved in your heating and cooling bill! Here are some must-know facts about this top-of-the-line model.

The combined technology of the Infinity 98 and the Infinity Touch thermostat gives the user unmatched comfort, control, and energy savings.  The Touch offers a great scheduling tool that maximizes comfort and savings, while also showing daily, monthly and annual energy tracker savings based on your local utility rates.  It even has advanced diagnostic tracking to take the confusion out of troubleshooting!  When upgrading to the WiFi version of the Touch you add remote access, control and live weather forecasts with just a few simple steps.

This is a great video from Carrier that tells you everything you’ll need to know!

What makes this model special?

This furnace is the most advanced model that Carrier has to offer. With small (1%) adjustments between 40 and 100% capacity, this furnace offers the perfect amount of heat that your home needs to provide even temperatures throughout your space. This means you have an extremely energy efficient unit that is managing your temperatures better than standard furnaces.

How does it work?

By utilizing Greenspeed™ intelligence, the Infinity 98 pairs adaptable-speed technology with Infinity control’s intelligence. Because of this ground-breaking technology, the unit can adapt its output to the specific needs of the home.

Your heating system is one of the most important features of your home. Without it, you’re left in a space that is unpleasant and uncomfortable. With a reliable system, you can truly trust that your unit won’t break down when you need it most. In addition, investing in a quality system means that you’re making less of an impact on the environment. A quality heating system will add value to your home and in the long run, keep money in your pocket with lower, more energy efficient utility bills.

If you’re considering how a new furnace could benefit your home or office, then give our award winning team a call today to set up your in-home evaluation. In addition, Carrier is offering a great promotion that we’re happy to be a part of! Customers can receive up to $1425 back in CASH on select system purchases from August 1 – Nov 30!

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