Why you should replace your heating system at the end of the season

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Your heating system is put to the test every year when the cold weather hits. If your furnace is about to hit its breaking point, now is the time to act! The freezing winter days are likely long past for now, and spring is on its way. But, don’t wait to replace your system until next winter when you need it most. Replace it now and get it in place so you have an efficient heater that is ready for next season and the following years. The best time to replace your old furnace system is now!

Tip #1: Don’t wait for it to break down.
Whether it happens in the next couple of weeks or when the brisk days of autumn are upon us later in the year, your old and outdated heating system is bound to break down at some point. Then, you’ll be left in a lurch, trying to find help to get it repaired or replaced. Not only is this stressful, but a broken down system could also be a safety hazard. You may be worried and feel pressure to find something quick to replace it, which means you may not have time to research all your options and find the best system that will meet the needs of your home and your budget.

Tip #2: Replace your old unit with a high-efficiency system.
It doesn’t matter what type of heating system you have – ductless heat pump, furnace, or boiler – the efficiency rating on each system matters! Not sure what the best rated systems are? Not sure if you can afford a high-efficiency system? Overtime, an efficient system will end up saving you money in utility costs. We’re happy to help give you options on units that fit well within your budget that have great efficiency ratings.

Tip #3: Do your research.
If you replace your unit before it breaks down, you’ll have time to do your research and read up on the various heating systems that are available right now. We are proud to carry a variety of affordable systems that will keep you comfortable in the upcoming months.

Not sure which one is right for your home? We’re happy to come take a look at your home or office and assess what system would work best for you. Our experienced team is well-versed in a variety of heating and cooling systems. With the right unit in place, you’ll be ready for a more comfortable, more enjoyable seasons in the years ahead.

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5 Responses

  1. Thank you for all of the tips. I 100 percent agree that you don’t want to wait for a break down to replace your furnace. My brother did that and it broke in the middle of winter. He was cold for a month till they were able to replace it. I think that doing research on finding units and companies to replace the heating system, but more important are the reviews your peers can give you. They will give an honest report of how it went. Thanks again!

  2. You’re welcome! Always great to keep things maintained so they don’t break down when you need them most!

  3. I did not ever think that I would need to replace my heating system at the end of the season. I always thought to do it before hand. I guess this would make sense seeing that you would need to see if it is in good working condition, just in case it does not work then you wont freeze in the heat. I would not want my heater to break down on me.

  4. I have had my furnace for years and years now, and I am nervous that it is on the brink of dying. Part of me was wondering if I should just wait and see if it can last one more winter, but after reading this I think it might be best to just have it replaced. Like you said, you do not want to wait for it to break down. Especially if it breaks down in the winter! That would be terrible timing. I will look into getting it replaced.

  5. Give us a call & we can help provide options within your budget. A new system before winter will make your life so much more comfortable!

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