Why is my heater not blowing hot air?


The temperatures are getting colder as winter weather nears, so when you turn on your heating system, you want it to do its job the right way: blow hot air. If it’s blowing cold air, this could be a little shocking. Here are some reasons why your heater may not be blowing hot air.

Reason #1: You just started the system.
When you first start your system after it being off for a while, the air may initially be cool, as the air you first feel will be the air inside your ducts around the house. As it starts moving, the cold air will be replaced by warm air.

Reason #2: Lack of gas to the furnace or broken thermostat.
Once the furnace has been running for a bit, it should warm up well, but if cold air continues to blow, there may be an issue with the furnace not receiving enough gas to warm it, so check the gas valve. Or, there may be a problem with your thermostat, so be sure to check it to adjust it to something warmer than the current room temperature, as the unit will not put out heat if the temperature setting is too low. In addition, check the battery on your thermostat to make sure it is not too low. If you have a low battery, sometimes it can disrupt communication with the furnace.

Another helpful tip is to disconnect the heating unit from electricity and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This can help reset the unit. Turn on the electricity supply and turn on the thermostat temperature high to see if that helps restore hot air to the unit. While the power is turned off, this is a good time to check the air filter and clean it. Dirty air filters can cause lack of airflow across the furnace and trip safety switches inside the furnace.

Call for repair!
If these troubleshooting tips have not helped resolve the issue, you’ll need to call our team of heating experts to come take a look at your furnace. There could be an electrical component or another part that needs replacement or repair. Our technicians are experienced and efficient at diagnosing any issue that may be present.

One of the best ways to prevent these kinds of issues from happening is by scheduling preventative maintenance service every fall. During these appointments, we will look over your equipment to make sure that it’s safe and ready for use during the upcoming cold months and we’ll handle any repair needs at that time.

Contact us today for a maintenance or repair service appointment. We are glad to assist you!

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