Why is my air conditioner leaking?

Why is my air conditioner leaking?


Contractor is installing new high efficiency air condition heat pump

Why is there water inside of your air conditioner in the first place?
Your air conditioner unit contains an evaporator coil that will cool any warm air that is blown over it. This will cause condensation (moisture) to develop on the coil, just like water droplets on a cold water glass on a hot day. The moisture on the coil drips into a drain pan and down a white PVC line (condensate drain line) that leads it away from your home. If the water is leaking inside your home rather than away from it, there may be a problem.

Cause #1: Clogged condensate drain line.
A drain line that’s clogged is a very common problem that causes water leakage. It can get clogged easily with dirt, mold, sludge, dust, or other debris, and this means water could enter your home. If you suspect this is the problem, contact us right away so we can help get it unclogged and back to great working order.

Cause #2: Damaged or rusted drain pan.
If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, the drain pan may be worn out. If it’s damaged or rusted, water will fall through it and it will become ineffective. Contact us for a replacement drain pan.

Cause #3: Damaged/broken condensate pump.
A condensate pump will lead the water drainage outside. But if the pump isn’t working, it won’t be pumped outside and water could begin leaking indoors instead. If the pump is broken, you’ll need to get it replaced right away. Call us to help diagnose the problem and get it replaced.

Cause #4: Blocked/dirty air filter.
If you don’t replace your air filter on a regular basis it won’t only be dirty, but it could cause the machine to work harder and in the end, break down faster. In addition, dirty air filters will block airflow to the evaporator coil and if that happens, the coil could get cold and freeze over. It will then melt and drip to the pan, which may be too much for the pan to handle. Be sure to clean or replace your filters on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Need a professional?
Contact Hybrid Heating & Air Conditioning today to repair your air conditioner and get it working to its peak capacity.

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