What Happens When You Have Clogged Air Filters?

What Happens When You Have Clogged Air Filters?


Clogged air filters are a big deal. In fact, they are one of the main causes of heating and cooling system issues. Air filters gather debris and dust and if they are not cleaned regularly, it can slow the air flow down and cause your system to work harder to do its job.

The details about a clogged air filter:
When your air filter is clogged up with dirt, dust, and other debris, your system has to play catch up to compensate for the blocked air flow. One negative affect of this is an increased utility bill. Also, because the air flow is being restricted, the heat exchanger can overheat or turn off too fast, which means your home won’t warm up how you want.

Here are some signs that your filter needs to be changed:

Your system needs steady, constant recirculation of air. If it doesn’t, the blower fan needs to work harder and you’ll see a steady increase of your utility bill. The Department of Energy reports that clogged filters can use up to 15% more energy. Save money and clean your filters every one to two months.

Sign #2: Dirty, unhealthy air.
The job of the air filter is to do exactly that: filter the air so it’s clean to breathe. A clogged filter will circulate in all the dust and debris that should be being filtered out and put it right back into your home. People with chronic allergies, respiratory health problems, or asthma will notice a big difference in this. Not to mention, viruses and other harmful bacteria can be circulated into the air, which means both you and your family’s health will be put in harm’s way.

Sign #3: Hot or cold spots in your home.
Blower fans push the air through the filter and into your home, but if the filter is clogged, the blower fan has a harder time doing the work, so this means you will likely experience some hot or cold spots in your home. This can be frustrating because you simply cannot reach the indoor temperature level that makes you the most comfortable.

A system that works reliably all year long is important for most homeowners. Routine cleaning and/or replacing of your air filters is critical to taking good care of your home’s heating and cooling system. In addition, having an annual maintenance appointment done by our team at Hybrid Heating & Air Conditioning means that you can head into the fall and winter months with confidence that everything has been checked out and is in good working order. If we spot anything that looks out of the ordinary or if a repair needs to be made, we can help with that.

The air you breathe makes a difference in your quality of life and health. Contact us today for details on getting a new system installed or to get a routine maintenance appointment scheduled.

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