Thermostat Settings: The Difference between Auto and Fan

Thermostat Settings: The Difference between Auto and Fan


Take a look at your thermostat. Do you have a basic digital thermostat, an older manual one, or a new programmable one? No matter which one you have, there are likely a lot of options on it – thermostat settings, fan settings, temperature controls, and other buttons that you may not know what they are and what they mean. There are all sorts of functions! Have you ever wondered what the differences are between “auto” and the use of the fan with the “on” setting are? There are some differences that can affect both the efficiency of the system and the comfort of your home or office space.

What are the differences between the various fan settings?
Obviously, “cool” and “heat” thermostat settings are pretty clear, but how you control the fan settings makes a difference. This controls how the fan blows after the system is off. If you turn the fan to “on”, the blower will continue to run after the system is turned off, but if you set it to “auto”, the blower will run intermittently in time with the heating or cooling system.

How thermostat settings affect your home’s air flow:
If you use the thermostat the right way, you’ll be able to control the indoor air quality of your space, which is an important part of keeping you comfortable and healthy. In order to combat polluted air from coming inside your home or office area, make sure to keep your thermostat set to the “on” position for continual airflow. This will allow the air to flow through the filter in the furnace more often, which cleans the air and makes it breathable and cleaner.

If you’re looking for more efficient flow in order to combat rising energy costs, keep your thermostat mode set to “auto” and add ceiling fans to each room to help the air circulate better around the areas. This can help lower your utility bill and help reduce the amount of energy you’re using, which is better for the environment!

Looking for more tips on operating your thermostat? Or, are you stumped with how your thermostat works? We can help! Or, maybe you know that your thermostat is inefficient and it’s time to upgrade. Call us today or request an evaluation here. Our experienced team of sales professionals are glad help you figure out how to get the most out of your heating and cooling system, and we’re happy to show you the options that you have that will fit your home, lifestyle, and most importantly, your budget!

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