The importance of properly sealed ductwork

The importance of properly sealed ductwork

Do certain rooms in your home stay chilly, even when the rest of your home is warm and cozy? There may be a reason why those rooms are always drafty and cool: poorly sealed ductwork. If this is a constant problem in your home, it should be something that you address.

Because ductwork is often unseen, most people simply don’t think about it and often just take for granted that it is there. However, ductwork is a very important part to the overall efficiency of your HVAC system and if your ducts aren’t in proper working order, your home won’t feel warm during the cold days and weeks of autumn and winter. Even if your ductwork was installed well in the beginning, as time goes on, ducts can crack or develop small holes. This means that they leak and aren’t able to distribute warm air as well.

Why does sealed ductwork make a difference?

1. Your system will perform better.
Poorly sealed ducts mean that warm air can’t reach your rooms well. Your HVAC system will need to work harder and use more energy to heat the home. This means that the system will be using a significant amount of energy and will wear down faster. It may even stop working totally if it is consistently used with worn down components.

2. Your air quality will be better.
Ductwork runs through many of the dusty and dirty parts of the underneath portion of your home. If there are holes or cracks in there, dust, bacteria, dirt, or other debris particles may get through. If these particles get into the ductwork, then it will be blown into your home. This contaminated air can cause breathing problems and if prolonged exposure occurs, it can be harmful to your overall health.

Click here to set up a routine repair or maintenance appointment for your HVAC system. If you are concerned about possible leaky ductwork, ask us and we are glad to check it out. Are you interested in a replacing your furnace system in your home or office space? Our team of professionals can help.

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