Incentives Discounts Tax Credits
Do you love discounts and tax credits? Everyone loves saving money. We love helping you save, and we have a variety of incentives, discounts, and tax credits available for customers in 2015.

Intel Employee Discount:
Did you know that we provide a special Intel employee discount? If you are an Intel employee and need to upgrade your heating/cooling system, you have the opportunity to save big! We provide Intel employees a $200 discount on a single replacement unit or add on (furnace, ductless mini-splits, air conditioner, heat pump add on) or a $400 discount on a complete system upgrade! That’s money in your pocket!
Note: The discount cannot be combined with Angie’s List discount, but it can be combined with our furnace stickers if they have one as well as Carrier Cool Cash, Tax Credits, and any other offers provided by us.

Tax Credits:
State of Oregon tax credits are huge incentives when it comes to replacing or upgrading the current HVAC system in your home. Tax credits for heat pump systems range between $300-$1125 and Energy Trust Incentives are also available for Oregon residents. There is also a federal tax credit available for ground source heat pumps that can reduce the cost up to 30%.

Special Offers:
Did you know that select systems can get up to $3275 in tax credits and rebates? Contact us today about which systems are available and what options might fit your home and budget.

Give us a call today to ask about how you can not only be more comfortable this year with a better, more efficient heating or cooling system in your home. And why should you pay more money than is necessary? Now is the time to act, while tax credits and other incentives are available.   Filling out paperwork can also get confusing, so let us help you. We will fill out and file the tax credit and rebate paperwork for you so you don’t have to do anything except sit back and enjoy your new system.

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Happy 2015! Have you made a list of resolutions this year? Is saving money one of them? How about upgrading certain parts of your home, especially the heating or cooling system? If so, we can help! We have a variety of options that can fit any budget. The best part: there are rebates and incentives for 2015 that can help bring the cost down and ultimately, save you big money in the long run. Some of our featured products include:

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