The official first day of summer is just a week away, and we have already seen hot temperatures! People around the Pacific Northwest will be using their air conditioning systems regularly for the next couple of months. Want to save money while you do that? Here are some helpful ways to save energy this summer.

Tip #1: Keep vegetation away from your outside unit.
The outside unit of your cooling system needs to have weeds any other overgrown grass or vegetation removed and kept at least two feet away. This allows the system to pull in air efficiently and not use unnecessary amounts of energy.

Tip #2: Change your air filters.
Dirty or clogged air filters will cause your AC system to work harder that it needs to. This means you’ll likely see a steep increase in your utility bill. In addition, if your system is running harder than is necessary, it could decrease the lifespan of the unit, and could even cause an unexpected breakdown that could be expensive and frustrating. Your air filters should be cleaned or replaced every other month.

Tip #3: Keep heat away from your thermostat.
Did you know that if you have heat producing appliances or products your thermostat, it could produce heat and cause your thermostat to inaccurately read the room temperature?  Ensure your candles, lamps, or appliances like a toaster are set far enough away from the thermostat so it doesn’t interfere.

Tip #4: Get a programmable thermostat for your home.
We love programmable thermostats! They can save significant amounts of energy over the year, and that means you could save hundreds of dollars at the end of the year! These thermostats allow you to set the temperature to whatever is most comfortable, and then you can program it to turn up, down, or off, whenever you want – even if you are away from home. They are affordable to install and work with almost any existing HVAC system or air conditioning system.

Tip #5: Stay on top of preventative maintenance.
Your cooling system needs regular maintenance! During these preventative maintenance appointments, our experienced team will run an energy efficiency check, clean or change the filters, ensure the inside components and mechanisms are working properly, and will let you know if any repairs need to be made.

Summer is almost here and it’s going to get hot! Make sure your cooling system can keep you comfortable! Not sure your AC system is ready to handle another summer? Contact us today for a quote on which new system could be right for you and your budget!

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Older homes come with a lot of charm and character. Homes that are built 50, 60, 70, or more years ago have many differences when compared to modern homes. For example, they may be laid out different, have different materials and they may not be ducted for traditional heating or cooling systems, simply because they were built before air conditioning was the standard in homes! But, don’t worry – just because you have an older home, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer through unbearable summer weather with no air conditioning. Here are some tips on the best way to cool your older home.

Ductless heating and cooling systems are generally one of the best ways to provide energy efficient cooling to your home. They can also provide heating during the winter, making them a great two-in-one option. Because these systems do not require ductwork installation, these are great for homes that do not have ducts as an option. They use an exterior heat pump that is connected to interior head units that distribute the air-conditioned air or heat to the designated areas within your home. One outside unit can support several interior air handling units and are connected through wiring and small hoes on the outside of the home. The inside units are mounted to the wall, either high or low, and are controlled via remote. You determine what temperature is the most comfortable!

We love the flexibility and energy savings that ductless heat pumps provide, and we are happy to talk to you about this option for your home! Warmer weather has already made its way to the Pacific Northwest and more summer weather will be here soon. Now is the perfect time to get your system installed so you can stay comfortable no matter what the weather decides to do outside!  Contact us today for information on your system and financing options. We are standing by to help!

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The heat of the summer can be unbearable on some days and for many of us that have an air conditioning system, it’s easy to simply click on the unit without thinking about all of the work and innovation that went into the creation of the machine. Have you wondered about the history of air conditioning? Here, you’ll learn a bit of history about how modern air conditioning started.

The Inventor of Modern Air Conditioning: Willis Carrier
Willis Carrier was an inventor from a young age. In 1901, he earned an engineering degree from Cornell University and the next year, an idea took root in his mind. As he stood on a foggy train platform in Philadelphia and recognized that he could dry the air by passing it through water – this created the fog. If he did this, then there would be a way to manufacture air with precise amounts of moisture. A year later, he had invented a way to control the humidity in the air: this is the fundamental building block for how air conditioning operates today. His invention earned him the name “The Father of Air Conditioning” and soon, the invention allowed other industries to flourish and ultimately, it bolstered the economy, making it stronger. Wartime supplies were made with greater ease, the baking industry began thriving, and other products were given the opportunity to launch into the world. Without Carrier’s invention, we wouldn’t have many of the products that we have today.

Today, Willis Carrier’s legacy continues on in the company name. The heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration products that Carrier creates and sells have made them a world-recognized company. Carrier’s innovative spirit lives on and is still one of the driving forces of the company’s operations.

The sales team at Hybrid knows a lot about the Carrier systems and is able to find right one that will fit in your home or office space. Got a set budget? No worries. We won’t pressure you to buy one that doesn’t fit within your financial plan. We’re happy to come out and look at your space and advise you if a simple repair is the best way to go or if you need a complete air conditioner replacement. No matter how big or small the air conditioner replacement or repair job is, we’re committed to serving our customers with efficiency and integrity.

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