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24VNA9 Infinity® 19VS

Central Air Conditioner

Carrier Infinity Air Conditioner model 24VNA9

The Infinity 19VS is different in a lot of ways. It offers variable-speed compression that can step down in 5 stages to as low as 25% of its capacity. That’s huge from a comfort perspective. The ability to run in lower speeds most of the time makes it quieter and more adept at removing humidity and keeping temperatures even. Plus, those lower speeds are the sweet spot for the unit’s best efficiency levels and for getting the most benefit out of other systems you might have like an air purifier because of more constant air flow through the system.

And, it’s seldom you can upgrade your system a component at a time. Most often, the leap to higher efficiency and better comfort via a communicating system for that home you love can mean you have to deal with the cost of a whole system even though only your AC has called it quits. The Infinity 19VS could change that for you.

Your Carrier® expert can help you determine if it can work with your existing indoor unit so you can upgrade in steps.

A/C Repairs:

Signs you may need a repair:

  1. Thermostat malfunctioning
  2. Unusual noises
  3. Uneven cooling
  4. Producing warm air or no air at all
  5. Unexpected increase in energy bill

Try this before calling:

  1. Check your filter
  2. Make sure doors are securely fastened on the unit
  3. Be sure thermostat is set to cooling mode
  4. Lower thermostat 5 degrees below room temperature – see if unit comes on
  5. Check your breaker – turn off power, wait one minute, then turn back on
  6. Clean the P-trap

A/C Replacement:

Basic A/C Components

  • Condenser – the outside metal unit and where the gas from the compressor is condensed into a liquid. The gas entering the condenser is very hot. The temperature is then lowered, so the gas can convert back to liquid.
  • Compressor – is inside the condenser. It circulates the pressurized refrigerant, to concentrate the heat, and changes the low pressure gas to high pressure
  • Evaporator – is the part of the system inside the home – is absorbs the heat from your home
  • Expansion valve – controls the amount of refrigerant in your system

Importance of Filter Maintenance:

Filters should be changed every three to six months depending on your system and the systems recommendations. A dirty air filter will restrict the air flow causing the system to work harder than it should, resulting in stress on your unit which can cause a costly repair. Dirty air filters also reduce the efficiency of your unit which in turn will raise your energy bill. Other factors may influence how often you need to replace your filter like the air quality of your home or where the outdoor unit is located.

Is your home or business too warm?

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Air Conditioning

MAINTENANCE: We offer a maintenance contract to ensure the longevity of your system. Maintenance should be performed on your system once a year. With our maintenance contract you will receive a precision tune up on two units – one in the fall/winter for your furnace and one in the spring/summer for your a/c.

SEER: the seasonal energy efficient ratio – the higher the SEER the greater the efficiency. Measures the A/C unit or Heat Pumps efficiency by taking the cooling output for the typical cooling season, divided by the total electric energy input during the same time period.

How much can a new A/C save you?: of your energy bill depending on the age of the old unit.​