Why Preventative Maintenance Service Is Valuable


When your HVAC system is in jeopardy, you’re left in a lurch, rushing to get repairs made at the last minute. These repairs can often be expensive and an unexpected hit to your budget. This is why preventative maintenance is such a valuable service for any homeowner with a ductless heat pump, gas furnace, or other HVAC system that heats or cools your home throughout the year.

By having preventative maintenance performed on your system throughout the year, you can notice the following positive things happen:

-Accurate temperatures in your home
-Lower utility bills
-More efficient system performance

Fall is a great time to get your system tuned up, because the weather is getting cooler and your system will need to accommodate the change in temperature. Without annual cleaning or inspection, your system will wear out quickly and preventative maintenance is key to preventing a furnace breakdown. Our maintenance appointments will include a full inspection of the unit and we’ll identify any problems that might be occurring. If there are parts or other components of the system that look like they’re starting to wear down, we will let you know so you can be aware that there may need to be a replacement in the future. We will clean the system for you and make sure there is no hazardous build up in the machine that will affect its performance and we will also be sure that the vents and humidifiers look in tact as well. After a good cleaning and once-over, your machine will be more efficient and you will notice that your energy bill may even decrease slightly because the system isn’t working as hard and using so much energy.

So, before the weather starts cooling down too much, beat the rush for service and call us for an appointment today. We’re happy to get you set up for an autumn tune up and if there are any prospective problem areas, we can provide solutions to make sure your system works well year-round.

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