July 17th is National Air Conditioning Day!

July 17th is National Air Conditioning Day!


Each year, we take time to recognize the amazing invention of air conditioning and give tribute to the ever-amazing Willis Carrier, the inventor and “Father” of modern air conditioning!  This year, July 17th is National Air Conditioning day and we sit back and admire his invention as one of the most life-changing things to happen to the modern world. Without his creativity and ingenuity, the world simply wouldn’t be able to operate the way that it does now.

Who was Willis Carrier?
He was an inventor at heart that always had ideas brewing.  He attended Cornell University and upon graduation, was in the city waiting for a train. When he noticed the fog around the platform, an idea dawned on him: dry air passing through water created fog and if he could duplicate this by manufacturing air with specific moisture amounts, he could control the humidity in the air. This revelation was the foundation of how air conditioning works, even today.   Because of his invention, he was able to help other industries to thrive, around the world. Movie theaters became air conditioned, bakeries and restaurants were able to keep spaces and products cool, and before long, the air conditioner served as the launching pad for thousands of other products and inventions.

Carrier’s legacy continues on today through the company’s name and it’s cornerstone of invention and innovation. Since its inception, the company has established itself as a world leader and innovator in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and products. So, this month, we set aside time to honor the amazing air conditioning invention and how it has made millions upon millions of businesses and products thrive.

We are honored to sell Carrier products and our team of experienced professionals know the variety of systems that Carrier makes that would work well for your home or office. Not sure what you need? We’ll come out and provide a free consultation to see what system would work and fit your budget guidelines. Contact us today to get on the schedule.


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