Is your furnace winterized?

The chilly weather is back – and we have even colder months ahead! By now, you’re probably used to layering clothing and coats on yourself to stay warm, but it’s important not to forget to winterize your home – especially your furnace. Your furnace plays a vital role in the cold weather, so be sure that you have it winterized and up to date so it can best tackle the coldness of winter. Not sure what it means to winterize? We’ve listed some helpful tips here on how to get your heating system ready for the winter.
Tip #1: Be sure the filters are cleaned and changed regularly.
Without a clean filter, your system is in trouble! The filter is a key part of your system and if they get clogged, it can cause big issues for the overall system. It can clog the flow of warm air and that means that your heater is working really hard to deliver the heat. If the system is working too hard for too long, it can wear down the machine faster. So, be sure to clean the filters monthly and completely replace them every few months.

Tip #2: Clean the inside of the heating system.
Open up the inside of the furnace. If you see a lot of dust and debris, which is common, it’s time to get the vacuum out and clean it. The debris is usually at the base of the heater and you don’t need any fancy equipment. Simply vacuum it out and make sure that it is free of buildup. Do this on a regular basis, especially if you have pets.

Tip #3: Don’t block vents.
Blocked vents can cause big problems for your whole furnace. Make sure that you don’t cover the vents with furniture or other large objects. And regularly check to make sure that the vents are free of dirt, debris, or other objects that may clog them.

Not sure you want to tackle the winterization of your furnace by yourself? We can help! We’re happy to come out and take a good look at both the inside and outside of your heating system. Stay ahead of the game, though, and don’t wait until the snow and ice is here. Maybe it’s time for a completely new system. Contact us today to help you find a quality heating system that fits your home and your budget.

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  1. This is exactly what I need to know to winterize my heater this year. It stopped working a few times last winter, so knowing more about what I need to do to winterize it will help keep it running with minimal problems. I didn’t realize that my heating unit can collect dirt and debris inside of it. That must be one reason why my heater didn’t work very well last year. I’ll remember to vacuum it out this year so that there won’t be any dust and debris to clog it up. Thanks for the tips!

  2. You’re right about how cleaning the filters in your HVAC can improve its performance. Having a blocked filter can prevent air from flowing through your house. It can not only wear down your unit faster, but making it work harder can give you a higher energy bill. So, if you want your HVAC to last longer and have a lower energy bill, then changing your air filter is a good way to do that. Thanks for posting!

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