Improving Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality

Wildfires have been all over the state of Oregon and Washington! This means that even Portland and the surrounding areas are seeing the side effects, with smoke all over! This type of air can be harmful to breathe and it can severely affect people living with asthma and allergies. With all of the recent talks on the news and Internet about air quality, you’re probably wondering if there is a way that you can breathe better air inside your home or office. Surprisingly, there are some great and easy ways to improve indoor air quality. Here are some beneficial tips.

Tip #1: Maintain your HVAC system regularly.  
After consistent use, it’s normal for your furnace and air conditioner to develop debris and dust build up. This can really affect the quality of air that comes into the area you’re living and working. It can also disrupt your system’s operations. So, maintain your HVAC system well with routine maintenance checks once a year. Autumn is a good time to have your system looked at, before winter weather arrives.

Tip #2: Replace your filters on a regular basis.
Change the air filters on a regular basis so your HVAC system will work at its optimum efficiency. Cleaning the air filters will also reduce the flow of debris, dust, mold, and other harmful allergens in the air. You’ll be able to recognize a big difference in the quality of the air.

Tip #3: Ventilate the space properly.
If you notice condensation in the inside of your windows, you should have your ventilation system looked out. Improper ventilation means that your system won’t be able to operate efficiently.

Tip #4: Clean ductwork and add an air purifier system.
Did you know that the air inside is often worse than outside air? Clean your ductwork regularly and consider adding an air purification system. Contact us for options on which air purifiers we carry and which one is right for your space.

Is your HVAC system out of date and inefficient? Or are you interested in learning more about air purification systems? Our sales team can help you find a system that will help you breathe clean air!

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