How to set your thermostat when you’re on vacation

How to set your thermostat when you’re on vacation


Summer time is full of sun, relaxation, and vacations. When you set out for your vacation, it’s true that you can save a little bit of money by adjusting your thermostat during a short time away. But what if you’re taking a longer trip or have a vacation property that sits vacant for much of the time? Here, we’ll provide some tips on what your thermostat should be set to if you expect your home or rental property to sit empty for an extended time period.

Tip #1: Invest in a smart thermostat.
Smart thermostats can be a great way to save big bucks on a vacant home. These thermostats are controlled by smart phones, iPads, or tablets and can be changed from anywhere. It’s kind of like taking your thermostat with you on vacation. With smart thermostats, you’re given the control you need, when you need it. You check weather reports from remote locations and see how the weather is in the area of your home and set the thermostat accordingly. This type of thermostat makes great sense for people that have vacation properties that may be uninhabited for significant weeks at a time, but it can also be great for a home that you live in all the time, simply because it gives you real time control of your home, no matter where you’re at.

Contact us today for programmable thermostat options that might work for you.

Tip #2: Close windows & blinds.
Before you leave, be sure to keep your blinds, windows, and curtains closed. Sunlight that creeps into the windows can raise the temperature of your home, keeping it warmer than it needs to be in an unoccupied space.

Tip #3: Keep your system maintained.
Your HVAC system should be serviced every year in order to make sure that everything is functioning well and that nothing needs to be replaced. When you return from vacation or you head up to your rental property, no one wants to be welcomed with a system that doesn’t work. Contact our team of pros to make sure everything is in great working order so you can stay comfortable all year long. Or, maybe you need a complete upgrade in your system. We’re happy to come out and provide a quote.


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