How to protect your outdoor HVAC unit during the winter months

How to protect your outdoor HVAC unit during the winter months



We have already had quite a wild winter and it’s not over yet! If you haven’t thought about protecting your outdoor HVAC unit during the winter months, it’s not too late to do so.

Central air conditioning systems are built to withstand tough weather, but the components can be easily damaged by debris, so it’s important to always keep debris and dirt away from the unit as much as possible. In addition, if you’re not using your air conditioning system during the winter, turn off the power source. This will save you on electricity and will also keep you from accidentally turning it on during a cold or frozen day, which could cause a problem if the cycling water inside is frozen.

Next, remember that heat pumps should not get covered. Air conditioning units can be covered, but we do not recommend it because it’s easy to forget to remove the cover before turning it back on and this in turn would burn up the compressors. If you need to cover it, one option is to cover the unit with a piece of plywood to keep icicles, branches, leaves, or other debris from falling on the top. Do not use a regular tarp, as this could accumulate mold or moisture underneath and that could be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. In addition, outdoor animals could find the tarp to be a nice shelter and could make their home inside.

Once you’ve secured the unit for the rest of the winter, check on it every once in a while to make sure that there hasn’t been any debris buildup or leaves that have blown underneath. If there has been, clear it right away so it doesn’t get clogged. Once springtime rolls around, you’ll be ready to have it back in action and you’ll be set for your annual spring tune-up with Hybrid Heating and Cooling. Call us today if you need other assistance on keeping your system running well throughout the winter so you’re not left in the cold!

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