How to get the most out of your ductless system

How to get the most out of your ductless system

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A ductless heat pump is a wonderful investment for your home or office. This is one of the most advanced and reliable heating and cooling systems available today and it will work well for years to come. Here are some important ways to get the most out of your system.

#1: Protect the outside unit.
The Pacific Northwest doesn’t get a lot of snow every winter, but it does get plenty of freezing temperatures, including ice and freezing rain. You should protect the outside unit from extreme weather conditions by making sure that the covered/protected from snow or ice. The condenser/compressor is required to keep the system working well and if it is damaged or restricted, it could malfunction or break completely.

#2: Keep it maintained well.
Your ductless heat pump is a costly investment and it should be taken care of well through regular, professional maintenance. The filters should be cleaned and replaced often, especially during the cold winter months when it’s being put to use every day. Annual maintenance appointments are important, too. During these appointments, our team will do a thorough review of the system to be sure it’s working exactly how it should. We’ll also clean the filters, run energy efficiency checks, and be sure that all of the parts and critical components are functioning at their peak.

#3: Make sure the system is supported with quality doors, windows, and insulation.
Make sure that your home has quality insulation and energy efficient doors and windows. This will help retain heat and keep the warm air inside your home or office rather than having it leak out. Leaked air is not only a waste of energy and money in utility bills, but it also means that your heat pump has to work harder. If the system is working harder than it has to, it could break down quicker.

If you’ve upgraded to a ductless heat pump in your home this year, congratulations! You’ll be happy with the system’s quality and you’ll stay comfortable all year long. If you’ve determined that the new year means a new furnace system in your home, a ductless heat pump is a great option. Contact us today for information on which systems could fit your home and your budget.

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