How to Put Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency to Work in your Home


Spring time weather is beautiful – it is a mix of sun, rain, cold nights, and warmer days. These fluctuations in temperature can be a bit challenging on your heating and cooling system, simply because each day varies and you may be tempted to change the thermostat temperature often. Unfortunately, messing with your thermostat too often can be a waste of the energy resources and it can also be a drain on your budget. So, how can you reduce your energy use and adopt energy conservation in your home?

  1. Keep the thermostat set a little lower.
    You will be able to see a big difference in energy use if you turn down your thermostat during the day when it is not in use, especially if it goes down to 10 or 15 degrees less. If that will be too cold for you, try to use the sun to your advantage and open blinds and curtains on the windows to let natural light come in. The sun will help warm the home and that means you won’t need to rely on your furnace as much to keep the space warm.
  2. Add insulation.
    If your attic or walls are poorly insulated, a lot of your heat will be lost. Check to make sure that your home has the right amount of insulation in it. This is a relatively inexpensive fix and can put you on the road toward energy efficiency in no time.
  3. Upgrade your furnace.
    Is your current HVAC system out of date and clunky? A new energy efficient furnace is your answer, then. We are happy to provide you with a variety of options for a new heating and cooling system that won’t break your budget.

Energy conservation and operating with an energy efficient mindset is very important to help lower your energy bill and conserve the Earth’s energy. If you are interested in learning how a new HVAC system can help you save money and energy in the long run, give us a call today for a free no-pressure quote.

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