Do you want a lower electric bill this winter?

Do you want a lower electric bill this winter?

The rain and wind is here and the long, warm days of summer are long gone. Mornings are chilly and evenings are brisk, so that means that it’s time to start preparing for the even colder months ahead. When the heat comes on, are you used to seeing a spike in your utility bill? Is it something that you dread every year? If you’re looking for ways to cut costs and save money, we’ve listed some beneficial tips that can help. And better yet, you won’t have to give up being warm and comfortable.

Tip #1: Take advantage of natural heat.
Of course, the sun in the fall and winter months isn’t as warm as it is during the summer, but you can still use daylight to your advantage. Open your blinds and let the light and heat infiltrate your space. When the day comes to a close and it gets darker and cooler, close the blinds or curtains to keep the warm air inside.

Tip #2: Pile on some layers!
Put all your fashion sense aside and put on a couple of pairs of socks or two sweaters. Have some extra blankets around the house? Snuggle up with a blanket or two to keep warm. Layering clothing and blankets is a great way to keep warm while keeping your energy bill down – you won’t need to crank up the thermostat as much! If you live in a space that has all hardwood floors, add a few rugs around the house to make it warmer and cozier.

Tip #3: Save heat, don’t waste it.
Instead of changing the temperature of your thermostat up and down to fluctuate with your changing body temperature, keep your thermostat set at the same temperature throughout the day. This simple tactic will help you save big bucks every year. In addition, if there are rooms in your home that you don’t use all the time, don’t heat them. Close the vents and keep the doors closed, too. This means that there is less airflow going into those rooms and you aren’t sending heat into those spaces that you don’t need.

Tip #5: Keep your furnace maintained!
Your filters should be cleaned monthly. If they aren’t cleaned regularly, they’ll be blocked with debris and dust and the system will need to work harder to heat the home. This means that it will use more energy than necessary and your bill may be higher. When the filter needs to be replaced, change it – don’t put it off. And most importantly, schedule routine maintenance on the machine as a whole. You can prevent major system breakdowns with regular maintenance.

Click here to request information about setting up routine maintenance checks or repair for your furnace system. Is your old system worn out and you’re interested in updating to a newer, more energy-efficient furnace system? Our knowledgeable sales team can help.

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