Do you know how to get the most out of your ductless heat pump?

Do you know how to get the most out of your ductless heat pump?


A ductless heat pump is a wonderful investment and a perfect addition to any home or office space. These heating systems are very advanced and you know that you’re getting a reliable system for the money. With proper care and maintenance, a ductless heat pump will provide years of heating and cooling for your space. Now that the cold winter months are here, you might be wondering how you can get the most out of your system. We’ve outlined some simple tips below. If you haven’t yet purchased a ductless system, read on to see what benefits there are to investing in one of these great products.

Tip #1: Keep it maintained.
This is the first and most important rule. A system that is not maintained properly is bound to have issues at some point. Be sure that you clean the filters regularly and replace them on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, especially when the system is being used continuously like it is in the winter.

Tip #2: Pay attention to the thermal envelope.
Not sure what a thermal envelope is? This is the barrier between the outside and inside temperature of your space. The thermal envelope encompasses things like air sealing, the quality of windows and doors, as well as how good the insulation is. Good insulation as well as windows and doors that don’t leak the warm air outside is very important. Without these, the ductless heat pump won’t be as efficient and it will need to work harder.

Tip #3: It’s ok to use back up heat.
Have you found that the warm air doesn’t quite reach the back of the house as well as you need it to during the coldest days? It’s okay to use back up heat, whether it’s a space heater or an electric wall heater. Rather than running your heat pump at high temperatures to make up for the cold weather, use other resources so your system can have a bit of a break.

Tip #4: Be sure the outside unit is kept protected from the elements.
The Pacific Northwest doesn’t get a lot of snow every year, but we do get freezing temperatures and frost. Be sure that your outside unit is kept protected from extreme winter weather, and debris. Keep the outdoor unit clear of leaves and plants that could obstruct the air flow outside. Do not cover your outdoor unit as the unit requires air flow to work efficiently and properly.

Our experienced team of service professionals is happy to take a look at your ductless heat pump to ensure that it is ready to reliably tackle the winter weather. Call us today and request service here. Or, if you’ve decided that now is the time to invest in a new heating and cooling system, our knowledgeable sales team is glad to share what type of products we carry and what fits your lifestyle, home, and budget.

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