Common Causes of Thermostat Problems

Common Causes of Thermostat Problems


When your heating or cooling system breaks down, it’s easy to panic and assume the worst. You might think that your compressor blew or even worse, that your whole system is wrecked. But, that’s not always the case. In fact, issues with your thermostat might be the problem. This part of your system is very sensitive and they can break down over time.

How do you know that your thermostat might be faulty? Here are a few signs.

  1. Your system isn’t reaching the target temperature.
    Is your system turning off and on too much and is it not reaching the temperature that you are designating? Or, are you noticing that there are big changes in the temperature of your home without you touching the thermostat to change the temperature? These can be signs of a broken thermostat.
  2. The thermostat won’t turn on.
    Well, this one might be obvious, but if try to adjust your thermostat and nothing is happening or it simply won’t turn on, it’s time to call in the professionals to have them fix it or get a new one installed.

What are the main causes of thermostat problems?

  1. Dirt or dust build-up.
    No matter how clean your home is, dirt and dust can creep in and settle inside of your thermostat. Over time, this can affect the performance of the thermostat and it can interrupt the inner components. In order to get rid of the built-up debris, you’ll need to carefully clean the inside and outside parts of it.
  2. Faulty connections.
    Loose wires can cut off power to the thermostat or can cause interrupted flow. Be sure that it is level and that there aren’t any visibly loose wires and if so, call a professional to get them restored to proper working order.
  3. Battery replacement.
    Dead batteries will definitely mess up your thermostat! Replace the battery and be sure that the thermostat is reset or reprogram to the temperature you want.

Our experienced team of service professionals is happy to take a look at your thermostat as well as your overall heating and cooling system to ensure that it is ready to reliably tackle the upcoming spring weather. Call us today and request service here.



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