Commercial buildings: the benefits of ductless heat pumps

Commercial buildings: the benefits of ductless heat pumps


Spring is here and we’ve already had some hot weather. Summer will be here quickly, so if your commercial building is operating with an old, outdated, or inefficient heating and cooling system, start planning for a hefty utility bill during the summer months. If your business does not have ductwork, you may have considered getting a ductless heat pump. Whether you have a small family-owned business or a larger store front, there are some amazing benefits of having a ductless system in your commercial building. Here are some of the top benefits of replacing your system with ductless.

Reason #1: Energy efficiency.
If you’re getting tired of writing big checks to the utility company and are looking for a way to cut operating costs, one of the best ways you can do that is by upgrading your heating and cooling system. Ductless heat pumps will end up saving significant amounts of money over time, especially when you start factoring expensive repairs on your old system.

Reason #2: So much comfort.
Old and inefficient systems will allow you to have consistent temperatures every day, rather than unevenly heated or cooled rooms. Not only that, but a quality ductless heat pump can offer cleaner air and humidity control, which will translate to a more comfortable work space for you and your employees. You set the temperature, press the button, and your ductless system will do all the work without a worry. The best part: you can use the system for reliable heating during the winter and reliable cooling during the summer.

There’s no better time to upgrade to a new ductless system! Whether your business is located in Oregon or Washington, our team of experienced technicians can help get you the system that fits the needs of your business while meeting your budget guidelines. Call us today for so we can give you options!


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