Can your HVAC system help with allergies?

Can your HVAC system help with allergies?

Dealing with asthma and unrelenting allergies on a daily basis is draining. It makes life complicated and uncomfortable. Breathing is made difficult and it is a real nuisance. Continual allergies can be a real physical problem and no matter how well you clean your home, irritants in the air that cause allergies will still find their way in. Cleaning and dusting home and office spaces on a regular basis will limit your exposure to known allergens, but oftentimes people still struggle with asthma or allergy attacks on a regular basis. Did you know that HVAC systems and air filters work to clean the air, ridding it of potential allergens? This can be a helpful solution to reducing allergy and asthma symptoms!

Quality HVAC systems can filter and clean the air – and they are cost efficient! A high efficiency furnace fan motor with an upgraded filtration system can filter the air 24 hours a day, which will make a huge difference in reducing your allergy symptoms. If your system doesn’t have an air purifying system already, a motor and filter system can likely be added pretty simply.

How does it work?
Air purifiers use filters that free the air of pollutants and allergens. Some of thiese include pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and much more. Some filters can even capture and kill some bacteria and viruses. When looking at air filtration systems, be sure that they meet HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorption) standards. HEPA certification processes ensure that the machines have been put through strict guidelines to make sure that they are able to filter both big and small particles in the air. This means you and your family have cleaner, breathable air.

Are you tired of constantly sneezing or sniffling? Are you tired of restricted breathing? Call us and let us help you find which system is best for your home or office. Ventilating the air well in addition to ridding it of harmful allergens, will help stop the havoc that’s going on in your respiratory system! Our sales team can help put you find a system that will put you on track for a happier, allergy-free life.

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  1. I didn’t realize that there are HVAC systems that can filter and clean your air. It seems like it can be really important to choose a system that will be able to help with things like seasonal allergies. You also make a good point about how they are really cost efficient.

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