Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance


If you don’t take care of your HVAC system over the long haul, they won’t last as long as it normally could or they could break down and need to be repaired multiple times. To ensure that your system operates at its peak all year long, it’s crucial to perform routine preventative maintenance on it. In addition to checking it yourself, having qualified technicians at Hybrid Heating & Cooling check it as well will help prevent future problems.

Benefit #1: Energy savings.
Over time, your heating and cooling system can become inefficient, especially if you do not have preventative maintenance appointments scheduled regularly. When one of our technicians inspects your unit, they’ll be sure that it’s all running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If it isn’t, we’ll provide recommendations on how this can be fixed. Once it’s back up and running efficiently, you’ll reduce the amount of energy that’s being used and you’ll likely see a decrease in your utility bill.

Benefit #2: Avoid unnecessary repairs.
If you have your unit serviced on a regular basis, you’ll reduce your chances of having a system malfunction or total breakdown. Preventative maintenance helps stop problems before they start, so that means you won’t have to worry about paying for an expensive repair out of the blue, or frantically call us at the last minute when your unit is broken.

Benefit #3: Extension of the life of the unit.
Your heating system is a big investment for your home and you want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. Preventative maintenance is key to making it last longer. Just like you need to have regular oil changes and tune-ups for your vehicle to keep it running well, preventative maintenance will do the same in extending the overall lifespan of the system so you can stay comfortable for years to come.

Whether you live in a newly built home or an old home, our service technicians are experienced in servicing a variety of brands and styles of HVAC systems, ductless heat pumps, and more.  Contact us today to get a preventative maintenance appointment scheduled!

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  1. All good points. I think it happens too often that people take their home appliances for granted (especially HVAC, since it gets so little interaction); for example, cars hit bumps in the road, other cars, have lots of moving parts, and are just generally so critical to mobility that people will show a measure of concern for the wear and tear. But home appliances pretty much never move, get bumped only rarely, and are much less obvious in the way of moving parts. So people assume that a break can’t or isn’t likely to happen at a critical time, and that might be true . . . until it happens.

    Then they realize just how important their system is and how a failure at ANY time is critical, but by then it’s too late and they have to scramble for a repair—or worse, the unit is beyond repair and needs replacement. But be it a repair or a replacement, the cost can easily be greater than a maintenance plan. Even in a “steady” climate, there are a lot of environmental conditions that mean a maintenance plan is a worthy investment.

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