Autumn is here! It’s time for a furnace tune-up!

Autumn is here! It’s time for a furnace tune-up!

We had a beautiful summer! Lots of sun, warm temperatures, and plenty of opportunity to get out there and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest! Summer in Oregon is unbeatable, but when autumn begins, it is perhaps one of the loveliest times of year in this part of the world. The days are getting shorter and chillier. Is your furnace ready for the cool weather?

Why is a fall furnace tune-up important?
Getting your furnace tuned up every year is imperative. Without an annual cleaning or inspection, your system can wear out quickly. Preventive maintenance on the furnace is important for homeowners, as it means that you will have no problems heating throughout the colder months. It’s never fun dealing with a broken down furnace – especially in the blustery months of winter!

What does a tune-up include?
When we come out for a system tune-up, we’ll do a full inspection of the unit and identify any potential problem spots. If there are parts that seem to be wearing down, we’ll let you know and give you some repair options. We’ll also clean the furnace well and check to see that there is no excess build up that can disturb the performance of the unit. We’ll also check the air cleaners, vents, and humidifiers.

Are there benefits to having a tune-up during the fall?
If your system hasn’t been checked out and cleaned in a while, it is probably dirty. This means that there is likely some friction or build up in the machine that is affecting the energy efficiency. After a good cleaning, you’ll notice a difference in the efficiency of the furnace and you might even see lower energy bills. In addition, when the system isn’t working at its peak, it probably isn’t keeping you as comfortable as it could be. When it is working well, the temperature that you set the machine will be totally accurate.

Fall is officially here! Before it gets too cool, beat the rush for service and give us a call to set up a tune-up appointment today! We’re happy to help investigate what your possible problem areas are in your system and offer you affordable solutions.

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