If you have had your air conditioning repaired time and time again, it’s time to consider replacing it. We understand that when it comes time to replace the air conditioner in your home, it is a big decision. If you’re wondering when the right time to replace your air conditioner is, we’ve listed some simple tips here to help.

  1. Is it inefficient?
    Have you noticed that when your air conditioning comes on, your energy bill skyrockets? Look closely at your energy bill and see where it’s being allotted. If you see a spike when your home’s air conditioner is in use, it’s probably inefficient. Unfortunately, as it gets older, it will likely become more and more inefficient. This may be an indicator that it’s time to replace.
  2. Is it old?
    Over time and extended use, your air conditioner will wear out. It’s a mechanical device and won’t last forever. So, look at how old the unit is and how reliable it will be in the coming years. If it has already needed a lot of repair and uses outdated technology, it’s time to look at replacement options. Air conditioning units today are made with new and advanced upgrades and will be much more reliable and energy efficient in the long run.
  3. How much are you paying for repair?
    If you are paying more than $1,000 a year to make repairs on your unit, it’s time to think about replacing. There are a variety of new systems out there that can fit your budget well. The average monthly payment of a completely new system is usually the equivalent of just one repair appointment.
  4. Is it making loud noises?
    Is your air conditioner making a lot of noise when it is in use? This could indicate that the system is either broken or at the end of its life. A new system will be extremely quiet and oftentimes, you won’t even know its running.

These are some of the most common indicators that your air conditioner needs replacing. Give our sales team a call today to talk about some air conditioning options that will fit your budget and the overall needs of your home. We’re happy to come out and look at your space and advise if a new system is needed or if a simple repair will do the job. We’re focused on quality service and installation, no matter how big or small the job is.

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