Did you know that your indoor air quality directly relates to the overall comfort inside of your home? During the cold winter months, people tend to spend more time indoors, so it is important to make sure you are breathing clean air this winter. Here are some tips to maintain healthy winter indoor air quality.

#1: Keep your furnace system’s air filters clean.
Your furnace or heat pump has air filters that catch a variety of dust, dirt, and debris. Over time, the filters will fill up with this and if they are not cleaned or replaced regularly, you will be breathing particles into your lungs that you probably don’t want in there. If you or someone in your home has allergies, or if you have dogs or cats in the home, it is especially important to stay on top of filter changes, as dander or dust can transfer from the filters right into the air that is blown out of the vents. We recommend cleaning or replacing the furnace or heat pumps filters every one to two months.

#2: Stay on top of overall home cleanliness.
Bacteria, dust, viruses, and dirt are common household nasties and cleaning regularly can help you rid your home of them. Vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning your floors will help prevent these from building up and getting into the air you breathe.

#3: Stay on top of furnace preventative maintenance.
Your furnace or heat pump should undergo regular preventative maintenance. Doing so will allow our team at Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning to confirm that all is working as it should at peak efficiency. We will clean the various inside parts of the machine to ensure that no dust or debris buildup will cause an issue later down the road or negatively impact your indoor air quality. We will also make sure that there are no hidden issues that could cause an unexpected breakdown to occur.

The air you breathe matters, so be aware of what your indoor air quality is like this winter. Contact our team of heating and cooling specialists right away if you need information on scheduling your preventative maintenance appointment or if you want a quote on getting a new system or air purifier installed. We’re standing by to help!

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Life gets busy with the hustle and bustle of work and other life activities, and sometimes staying on top of cleaning it is simply hard to do. But did you know that if you neglect regular cleaning in your home, your heating and cooling system can be affected? The motor and the various electrical components are critical to the seamless functioning of the system, but your air filters are a very important part of how the furnace or heat pump works, too. Air filters catch debris, dust and dirt and they need to be cleaned or replaced every few months. Doing this on a regular basis will help prolong the life of your system and it will also help you breathe cleaner air, too.

Dust and pet hair:
Dust and pet hair builds up quick! If you don’t stay on top of regular dusting, or if you have pets that are known to shed a lot, there’s a good chance that your air filter is going to fill up quickly with pet dander, hair, and dust. Make dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming a top priority so you can reduce the amount of debris that flows into the machine and air filter.

Preventative maintenance:
Your air filter should be cleaned or replaced every other month. If you have noticed that your filter is getting full every couple of weeks rather than every few months, there are some ways to help this. The first step is to stay on top of regular preventative maintenance for the machine. Appointments with heating and cooling specialists will allow you to have the peace of mind that all is well with your system. Our team of technicians will take a close look at the system and make sure there are no repairs or adjustments that need to be made. We will also check for energy efficiency and we’re glad to answer any questions you have.

If your system is over a decade old, there’s a good chance that it is on its way out and that a new replacement is something you should be planning ahead of time for. We’re happy to offer some options for you based off of your budget as well as your home or commercial building’s unique layout.

It’s a new year and it’s the perfect time to talk to us about getting your preventative maintenance appointment scheduled. Or, if a new system is something you need to start thinking about, let us provide options for you. We look forward to serving you!

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